Thursday, 15 December 2011


Over the years UiTM Shah Alam is having the same problem which is limited parking spaces for students while student’s intake is increases each year and they facing the same problem each semester.  They are some steps that UiTM had try before but somehow it is not working or even convenient.  After all they are many loophole in the making of rules and regulations when to find a solution to this problem but instead making it even worse.

To utilize public transport and make it fun to ride with addition here and there hope to make it different and car pooling among student will eventually support environmental activities in Malaysia to protect ozone layer from petrol and at the same time save money for petrol.  The improvement from previous way or steps that made by UiTM before, need to put into action to provide a better and conducive environment of studying in UiTM.
A Serious Issue in the Campus

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